Ralph Lindenberg has been a caretaker of this art work for over 30 years. He asked his parents, Herman and Faye, what inspired his great-grandfather (Herman Albert) to carve such a large beautiful piece (28.5" x 49.75"). They did not know. While looking through “The Illustrated History of Art” book by David Piper he came across Peter Paul Ruben’s 1614 painting "Descent from the Cross". It then occurred to him that this surely must have been what inspired his great-grandfather to undertake this wood relief carving.

Through these many years, he has been determined to share his great-grandfather’s art with others. In 2001 he set out to do just that by completing, recreating, enhancing and reproducing it.

Few things enrich our lives like sharing inspirational relief sculpture art.
“Descent from the Cross” is something that can not be adequately described. It must be experienced! It takes all your senses to enjoy it, creating a unique feeling inside that can not be expressed by words alone. It makes you feel the love and passion of the artists.

The carvings are recreated, enhanced and reproduced with the newest materials of our time. They are enhanced with many different finishes that bring out the intricate details created by Herman Albert Lindenberg’s genius skills as a master carver and his great-grandson’s fortitude in working through the many challenges to finish such a large fine art piece. Each reproduction is hand-painted by an in-house artist which makes them one of a kind originals. All were created in the United States with sincerity and purpose.

His great-grandfather began working on this art piece about 1879 and it was not completed when he died in 1903. His passion was passed on to Ralph.

Great Grandfather's History

Herman Albert Lindenberg immigrated to the US from Germany on April 5th, 1884 via NY.- then to St. Louis, MO.

Ida Lindenberg came over on June 30th, 1884 with 3 children
to NY- then to St. Louis, MO.

The Indiana Soldiers & Sailors Monument was funded by the State Legislature in 1887.

In 1888 Herman Albert Lindenberg and his family were asked to move from St Louis MO to Indianapolis, IN to work on the sculptures at the Indiana Soldiers & Sailors Monument.

Herman Albert Lindenberg with his two sons,
Ernest Robert Lindenberg and
Eric Eugene Paul Lindenberg
worked on “The Return Home” sculpture.

It portrays the reunion of a returning soldier with his family.
Ida Lindenberg was the model for the mother sitting on the plow.

Also during this general time three books were published by Herman Albert Lindenberg.

1. Development and Distinction of all Styles of Ornaments: Instruction for compounding ornaments and their essential adornment indispensable to art trade. New York: Hessling & Spielmeyer,1890.

2. Shields, Foliated Heads and Animals. New York; Berlin: Hessling & Spielmeyer, 1895.

3. Acanthus Leaf Applied to the Various Styles. New York: A. Gerbel, 1903.

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